As a kid I vividly remember wanting to be that Boss Lady, radiance of pure confidence, slaying a haute couture business outfit — picture Olivia Pope and Carrie Bradshaw having a fierce fashion collab. Little did I know that was the beginning of one of my signature brands, Divine Feminine ForceTM.

It wasn’t razor sharp clear yet what I wanted out of life. Got my Bachelor of Information & Communication Technologies in the Netherlands, continued self-study in different fields, completed Biz courses, did workshops + attended seminars abroad. In the middle of all that I discovered my obsession for Personal Development + High Performance. Had a few unfulfilling jobs here and there, a career at that big tech company, later at that great web design studio.


A 9 to 5 is not for the Ambitious Creative

Pushing yourself to grow is how people like me stay sane. So even when the fear of the unknown kicks in — ‘cause who likes uncertainty — there’s only one thing left to do, one way to move forward.

Follow your (childhood) dreams!

Now 5+ years later, starting my business empire is still one of the most thrilling, bada** decisions I’ve ever made — the doo-doo-hits-the-fan moments included.

I Want It All

So it makes sense that I rolled up my sleeves and went full force at figuring out this intimate relationship, dating thing as well. I believe we all deserve to have a Hot Supreme Love LifeTM — to experience the Bliss to share your life with that Special Someone.

Trust me when I say, I got “knocked down” HARD — Muhammad Ali kind of sting — in the name of Love. But you know what…… A few decades ago at my all-time low, I decided:

"Can’t Nothing And Nobody Hold Me Down!"

Bigger, Better, Stronger, Wiser

So whatever life throws at you — after that short well deserved pity party — you dust yourself off and Get Back Up!

We didn’t go through all that to roll over and play dead — lying there, hands + feet stiff in the air. We make better choices + keep our eyes on the Bling + get creative.

That is how you and I grow into the Greatest high-fiving, chest-bumping, kick-a** version of ourselves.

It's Now or Never

I’m a Divine Feminine ForceTM + CEO of my own bangin’ online empire + living in a tropical paradise. [hashtag]blessed


I’m here to help you push your boundaries to create a love + life + biz you truly ? [heart].

That’s what I live for. To help you turn your dreams into reality.

So what are you waiting for… ?


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9+ Things

You're Dying To Know
About Me

You're Welcome

9+ Things

You're Dying
To Know
About Me

You're Welcome

  1. Height: 1.60 m (US 5.2”). Shoe size: 34 (US 3). Nope, I do not fall over.
  2. Huge Sci-Fi fan. Big-up to Marvel!
  3. Horror movies? Oh Hell NO!
  4. Mediocrity is not an option.
  5. Steal my food, and I go gangster on you. Seriously, don’t make me take off my earrings.
  6. Beverage of choice: Ice Cold Water poured in a wine glass. Don’t judge, just try it.
  7. Working on my professional bio — yep, the one where I talk about myself in the third person — and approved images, for you to use whenever you like. Coming soon!
  8. Shout-out to my fellow tech geeks.
  9. Kind people only policy. (Which may be broken if someone steals your food.)
  10. Wanna get to know me better + get the inside scoop + weekly fierce motivation?

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“Merelyn takes the bull by the horns & goes for it - she's a no BS person, straight to the point & very integer.”

Sophie P.Switzerland

“Merelyn is a positive thinker and a creative spirit. She always finds a way to solve a challenge. She's a winner.”

Santa A.The Netherlands

“Merelyn is very smart and she is always looking for ways to improve herself. This means that I can have a high-level conversation with her.”

Alexander G.Curaçao

“Merelyn is a fighter. A woman with a vision and determined to reach her goals.”

Shanon H.Curaçao

“Merelyn is powerful, persistent and honest.”

Jean-P B.The Netherlands

“Merelyn is easy going. She has the ability to connect with people, even from a distance!”

Else B.The Netherlands

“Merelyn knows what she wants and believes in herself. She's authentic. And honesty in her relationships is key.”

Suhail G.Curaçao


Giving Back Guarentee

Your investment in yourself by purchasing any of my offerings (programs, products, events, etc), ensures your contribution to a better world. A percentage of all sales goes to helping improve the lives of women and children in need, worldwide.

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