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“This is not how I thought my life would be — broke and broken. Miserably failing in almost every area of my life. Feeling depressed and anxious! How did I get here? This is not who I am! Things need to change. I need to change. It’s time to redefine myself & totally reinvent my life, on my own terms”

Have you ever felt so stuck, you just wanted to give up? I did! Trust me when I say, I got “knocked down” HARD — Muhammad Ali kind of sting. And in 2018 I hit rock bottom!

After months of uncontrollable crying, ongoing negative mind chatter, feeling sorry for myself — I realized: “No one is coming to save me, I have to rescue myself!

Through radical self-love, mindset shifts, new success habits and fierce action, things started to change.

By living from the inside out — slowly but surely — life kept gettin’ better and better.

Our stories may differ, but I know you, I feel you. You are not alone! And believe me when I say:

No matter where you are, no matter how you feel about yourself right now, you can completely redefine yourself & totally reinvent your life + biz.

You are a Divine Feminine Force, ready to be Unleashed!“

** to be continued! **

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