Is finding the love of your life your #1 Priority?

How serious are you about finding your mr. Right, the love of your love? Yes that special someone that will make your heart go Boom Boom Boom, bring the beat back.

You’re here reading this. And that my friend shows your intend. So massive props to you for that.

But honestly what have you done specifically to make this dream a reality? Or another great question — even if I say so myself — what have you done that has prevented you from realizing this dream?

There’re things in life you want to do or accomplish. You say it out load + express it to the world. You even take some (half-hearted) action and then — wait for it … — life happens. Maybe you forget about your desires for awhile. But you know, like all things important, one way or another that uneasy feeling will creep up on you again. Something is missing in your life. You‘re not where you want to be. The image how your life is supposed to be by now doesn’t equal reality.

So what’s next

You can go on and keep ignoring that nagging longing feeling. Or you can listen and decide that your time is Now. That there’s no more time for excuses. ‘Cause you know you want to be in a loving relationship with an amazing guy.

And guess what: There’s no shame in that.
We all want to find true love — Mr. Right. Anyone who claims otherwise is being dishonest with themself out of fear — or just not into men.

Some stupid a** advice

You know what’s crazy? people telling you:
“You have to be patient, your time will come. Just wait.”

Being patient, I agree with. But seriously… you waiting for Mr. Right to fall out of the sky. Well let’s just say that’s some stupid a** advice.

I know what it’s like to wait and wait and wait….and WAIT. And before you know it you’re 38 and still single. Oh and not to mention the pressure of that biological clock thing, you need to start paying attention to — WTF!

And then, that advice those people gave about waiting patiently for Him to magically appear in your life, turns into “Maybe you’re too picky‘ — Double WTF!

It ain’t over till the fat lady sings

Good news is, it’s never too late to take measures in your own hands. And I decided to do just that.

Listen (read) …No one is going to make your dreams happen for you. You have to go out there and make things happen for yourself. By doing that you’ll attract situations and people that can help you reach your goals faster.

Now are you really ready? Do you really have what it takes to be in an amazing relationship in 18 months or less?

Answer these 3 questions with a Yes or No

  1. Is finding the love of your life your #1 Priority right now?
  2. Are you committed to dedicate the necessary energy + money + time to find the love of your life?
  3. Would you do anything — moral + legal of course — to find the love of your life?

Knowing you’re here NOT to play games but take control of your love life, there’s no doubt you answered these questions with a rock solid YES.
(Even if you haven’t, you now know what it takes. So get your act together, pronto).

Now your commitment has to be followed by your actions. They have to be consistent with your words. No more sabotaging yourself by creating obstacles that keep you from achieving your goal.

The big shocker

It costs money to find the love of your life! — What???? No way?
Yes way!

The total cost differs depending on your unique situation. For some the expense can be significant. Let me give you a few cost examples:

  • Tickets to single events
  • Dating services
  • Gym membership
  • New modern clothes
  • Make-up
  • Thank you gifts for supporters
  • Etc. etc.

Look at it as Investment Spending. The outcome will be So much more lucrative than any amount that you’ve invested.

Now it’s your turn

Give me a rock solid YES — in the comments below — if finding the love of your life, in 18 months or less, is your #1 Priority right now.

I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you So much for your Love, Share and Perspective.
It means the world to me!

❤ + xxx



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