The exact system that helped me completely redefine myself and totally reinvent my life, on my own terms.


6 Months of Radical Transformation

Your next 6 months are going to completely transform your life!

Now more than ever it's time for you to level up. Don't let outside circumstances dictate your life. You're capable of so much more than your current results are showing and deep inside you know this to be true.

As women we are thought to put everyone else first and that we're incomplete if we don't live up to the brules (BS rules) put on us by society.

It's time you claim your independence, live by your own rules and lead an extraordinary life.

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With Thinking Into Results you're gonna take charge of your world. You'll no longer be a victim of circumstance, you're no victim of any kind. 'Cause you gonna take responsibility for your life and the results you get. We never have to blame, we never have to look at anybody else. And we're in control of how we think, how we feel and how we act, and therefor the results we get. You're gonna start loving how you spend your days, when you've got Thinking Into Results in your pocket and in your mind! — Bob Proctor

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What if you could ...

Create your own economy ...

Quantum leap your results with ease, flow and joy ...

Tap into your soul's purpose ...

Lead a fulfilling life ...

Help the less fortunate, by sharing your blessings ...



Get paid for being your genuine self ...

Create a successful business ...

Call in your soulmate ...

Unleash the powerful creator you truly are ...

Be, do and have anything ...



Here's What's Inside

205-page Guide

powerful 24 week process for creating new, desired results


Deep dive worksheets where the real transformation takes place

Video & MP3

Watch the video tutorials and listen to the MP3's whenever + wherever

Lifetime Access

Permanent & unlimited access to the TIR Goal-Achieving system


Weekly premium group coaching + direct WhatsApp mentorship

DFF Community

Exclusive private community of heart-centered female goal-getters

Study Club

Experience the power of the 6am Success Club to accelerate your results

Q&A Hours

Weekly live Q&A coaching calls

Accountability Support

Accountability throughout the program is your guarentee against failure

Two 1:1 Coaching Calls

Goal setting laser call + Hot seat call with Merelyn

About Merelyn

Merelyn Remak is the founder, creator and visionary of the Divine Feminine Force movement. Known as the Olivia Pope (netflix serie: Scandal) of personal development, she helps you get the results you want. Your goals, your dreams... Consider it Done!

Personal Development has always been her drug of choice — devouring books & podcasts, attending conferences, going to therapy, following online programs, anything that helps her grow and reach for that next level of success in life and biz.

On her journey towards audacious, exciting dreams she’s sharing everything she’s learned to empower you to be & believe in yourself, dream big, take courageous action, and create extraordinary results with ease, regardless of circumstances.

they did it. so can you.


It's blowing my mind that I lost $4500 in income from being laid off due to Covid19 but here I am bringing in over $5000. Since joining TIR I've earned double my investment to start the course. We have the power in our hands! "

Courtney Donaldson

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I often felt sad, stuck and lost yet I always knew I was supposed to do great things with my life. Fast forward just 4 months later and our home staging business has tripled in sales, we have new clients reaching out daily and I quit my full time job. "


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After my first 6 weeks in the program, I won top producer of the month in my real estate office and got my clients their dream properties at a great price (one wasn’t even on the market!) So many wins! Can’t wait for all the growth and abundance coming my way. "

Alexandra Cote

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Y O U R . L I F E . C H A N G I N G


It only takes one decision to change the trajectory of your life. Have the courage to invest in yourself, 'cause you feel you're meant for more, 'cause you deserve more.

Nothing will change unless you do. If I can transform my life, so can you. I see you and I believe in you! No matter your past, your education, your financial situation ... everything brought you to this point, so that now you can soar.

Have the courage to make a committed decision to bet on yourself. Put your own oxygen mask on first. Help yourself first, so you'll be able to also help your loved ones. Let's go on this life changing journey together.

Let's Do This!

T H I N K I N G . I N T O . R E S U L T S

one time payment of €3000



T H I N K I N G . I N T O . R E S U L T S

6 monthly payments of €500



G I V I N G . B A C K

It All Starts With You!

When you invest in your future through our work, you’re giving back to the world, supporting women and children by tackling poverty and inequality. We're honored to direct a portion of all sales each year to support people in need.